Here are "some" pictures of our daycare set-up. They truly do not do justice to the wonderful home that we have for children to learn and play, but it will give you an idea of our environment. We have many more toys that we rotate, plus hundreds of books that the children are free to read whenever they want some quiet time. We currently do not have any infants enrolled in our program, so our infant area is not set up at this time. When we do get it up I will certainly take pictures of it to share with you. I also need to get new pictures taken of our outdoor playground which we've added new equipment to also! Enjoy your visit!

*Part of Our Large Outdoor Playarea*

* Sign-in Area *

*Come on in and make yourself comfy*

*Music ~ Circle Time ~ Storytime Area*

*Our Preschool Crafts Area & Breakfast table too!*

* Our Preschool Craft Display *

* Here are the Cubbies & Bulletin Board *

* View of the Main Room *

* Reading Center *

* Some of the Toddler Toys *

* Daycare Kitchen & Science Area *

* Here is our Office *

* Here is our New Star Room! Here is where we have Dramatic Play, Puzzles, plus much more *

* Here is the Daycare computer in the Star Room *

* Here is the Block & Manipulatives Area in the Star Room *

*Toddler Table & Craft Area*

* Diaper Changing Station*

* Daycare Bathroom *

* Parents Message Board *

* Playing School *

* Dress-up Fun! *

* The Princesses *

* Aren't we sweet? *

*Imaginations at Work!*

* Role Playing! *

* Fall Fun! *

* More Fall Fun! *

* Wonderful Memories & Lifelong Friendships are Created Here! *

* Mr & Mrs Snow People! *

* Winter Wonderland! *

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